Whole Body MRI

Sure, medical centers across the country have magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, machines. But what makes the Health Nucleus MRI different?

First, in traditional medical care, it’s nearly impossible to get access to a whole body MRI without a significant medical reason. If you injure your knee, only your knee will be scanned in a standard medical MRI, for fear something else in the rest of the body may be seen or not seen and therefore opening the health system up for serious liability concerns.

At the Health Nucleus, we partner with you to take control of your health by actively enrolling in a whole body MRI, and we are equipped to review and interpret your entire scan to generate an unprecedented snapshot of your current health.

Our MRI accomplishes three key examinations:

  1. Cancer detection – our whole body MRI exam scans for tumors of the head, neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis. We have capabilities to detect most solid organ tumors, including kidney, prostate, pancreas, uterine, ovarian, lung, brain just to name a few. Other tumors, such as colon and breast cancer, are not currently screened for in our exam.
  2. Body Composition – Precisely quantifies fat and muscle composition in order to better understand risk factors for metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
  3. Brain structure and vasculature – Scans for tumors of the brain as well as imaging signs of vascular and Alzheimer’s dementia. Our non-contrast brain angiogram also examines the blood vessels of the brain to detect evidence of vessel narrowing and aneurysms and other vascular malformations.

Protocols Not Available Anywhere Else

Without the use of contrast media that leaves many feeling nauseous, but whose purpose is to illuminate differences in the body, our MRI’s secret sauce is found in our post-processing analysis.

Our proprietary software uncovers cancer, neurological, metabolic and cardiovascular concerns at their earliest stages when they can be addressed.

And unlike traditional medical care, our Health Nucleus is prides itself on a spa-like setting whose luxuries are on the level of our pioneering science. Our MRI techs take pride in ensuring your comfort and calmness in our MRI with guided meditation, aroma therapy, and audio-visual distraction should you wish.

Challenge your perspective on health. Learn how our Health Nucleus MRI might impact you and your health.