Genetics Experience

Whole Genome Sequencing

Human Longevity, Inc. has assembled one of the world’s largest sequencing centers at our La Jolla, California headquarters. Onsite we use sophisticated machines to examine all of your DNA in a process known as Whole Genome Sequencing.

Part of what makes you unique are the genes that make up your genome. Using whole genome sequencing we’re able to read through your DNA and the coding it provides for your genes.  We’re also able to identify changes in the genetic code, referred to as variants, which are also unique identifiers in your genome.

To start, we will need a saliva or blood sample. You will receive one of our sample collection packs to help you gather your specimen. After your whole genome is sequenced, our team will provide you and your physician with a comprehensive report detailing our findings.

In this report, you will learn about variants you have that make you different from other populations.  Sometimes variants can lead to a higher risk of certain diseases or protect you from others.  We’ve leveraged this cutting-edge technology to truly understand you and make your healthcare more personal, predictive and preventative.