Human Longevity has collaborations with companies in the genomics arena, with large hospital systems and clinics that will utilize our services and with pharmaceutical companies that can foster discovery and develop new therapeutics.

Some of the agreements that HLI has announced:

For the next 10 years, HLI will work with AstraZeneca to sequence and analyze up to 500,000 DNA samples from AstraZeneca clinical trials. These data will be shared with AstraZeneca who will also gain access to HLI’s unique database.
Since 2015, HLI has partnered with Genentech to conduct whole genome sequencing of tens of thousands of de-identified samples, to help Genentech identify new therapeutic targets and diagnostic biomarkers—with the end goal of bringing to market promising new therapies for patients with serious medical conditions.
HealthLytix provides advanced analytics for brain and whole-body MRI scans performed at Health Nucleus to empower quantitative health assessments.