Health Nucleus Tests

The Health Nucleus combines genomics, advanced clinical imaging and robust machine learning to empower you and your physician

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)

Analysis of your DNA that provides you and your physician with insights into your genetic risks for many health conditions, your traits and ancestry, as well as pharmacogenomics which can provide information about which medications you may respond to and if there are some you should avoid.

Updated Genomics Report

Our experts scan your baseline whole genome sequence (completed during your initial visit) against our ever-enriched database for the most up to date interpretation.

Whole Body MRI

Our whole body MRI assesses for many brain, cardiac, cancer and metabolic diseases.  We have the most advanced MRI machines available today with unique software and tools to interpret those MRI images.   The imaging data are both qualitative and quantitative and can be integrated with clinical and genetic biomarkers.

Coronary Calcium Scoring

Non-Contrast Cardiac CT assesses coronary artery health through detecting the location and extent of calcified plaque in the walls of your coronary arteries. This can provide information about current cardiovascular risk.

Core Labs

Measures key risk markers for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases along with other important tests of organ function.

Comprehensive Labs

Includes blood count, kidney and liver function tests, vitamin and hormone levels, a lipid panel, cancer tumor marker screening, heavy metal screening and blood sugar.

Insuline Sensitivity Test

Assesses insulin resistance to help identify the early stages of Type 2 diabetes.

Global Health Assessment (Full Metabolomics)

This material measures 961 small chemical end products of biochemical reactions to better understand your chemical composition. A blood draw is required for this analysis.


Measures the electrical activity of your heart and a point in time look at heart rate and rhythm.

Wireless Heart Rhythm Monitoring

Two-week mobile wireless recording of your heart rhythm that provides a continuous view across the range of your normal activities including sleep, exercise, and daily routines.  This can identify abnormal cardiac rhythm (arrhythmia).

Balance Tracker (X)

Computes the postural sway of an individual to create a baseline used to assess the vestibular system and other components that affect balance such as disease, aging and injury.

Gait and Balance (Platinum)

Quantitative analysis of gait and balance are performed as a component of physical and neurological function.


Evaluates bone mineral density to understand fracture risk.


Evaluates the structure and pump function of your heart.

Neurocognitive Testing

Provides assessment of simple motor performance, attention, memory and executive function.

Sleep Apnea Testing

This mobile overnight test measures oxygen levels during sleep and can detect periods of low oxygen, providing a quantitative measure for your risk of sleep apnea.


Analysis of a stool sample provides a summary of micro-organisms and their genetic material that reside in the GI tract.

Multi-Targeted Stool DNA Test

A colorectal cancer screening alternative.