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Embracing the Perks of Cloud Computing

By Yaron Turpaz, Ph.D., MBA, CIO, Human Longevity, Inc.

Human Longevity, Inc. was launched in March 2014 with a mission to transform healthcare and accelerate the practice of personalized, preventive healthcare via detailed and comprehensive genomics analysis and risks assessment, in integration with high quality phenotypic and medical information. We have built the largest human genome sequencing facility in the world with 24 Illumina HiSeq X machines and two Pacific Bioscience instruments. With an unprecedented capacity to produce more than 30,000 whole human genomes per year, at 30X genome coverage, we have built an integrated KnowledgebaseTM and developed cloud based solutions to process, analyze and visualize such complex multi-dimensional data that provides time- sensitive meaningful scientific and personalized health insights.  To date, we have processed more than 4PB of genomics data from more than 20,000 integrated genomes and health records, and are on track to have more than 1M integrated health records in our KnowledgebaseTM by 2020. This requires us to build solutions that support very large unstructured data sets with real time analysis of complex queries.

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