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At Human Longevity, our team of clinical and scientific experts integrate health data to generate a complete picture of individual health – what we call “health intelligence”. Below, see what we’re learning about the new frontier of genomics and technology driven healthcare to impact you.

Because we don’t have much control over how we came into this world or if we were breastfed, paying attention to lifestyle factors that contribute to poor gut health and working towards healthy gut flora across your lifetime will be extremely important for your overall health.

To absorb calcium in the body, it must be in balance with magnesium and vitamin D. Learn how to increase your intake.

May 13-19th is National Women’s Health Week – and while it is appropriate to take time to focus on such an important subject, the Health Nucleus is committed to women’s health all year long.

Local San Diego personal trainer, Molly Goodwin of Body Designs Fitness, demonstrates a simple resistance training workout you can do from anywhere with little to no equipment.

You can significantly reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis at any age.