Stem Cell Therapies

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that are able to mature into the diverse, specialized cell types present in various tissues and organs of the body. Stem cells come from many sources but are broadly divided into embryonic stem cells harvested from the early blastocyst stage of development and adult stem cells that include those derived from the placenta or cord blood from newborns as well as stem cellswhich can be harvested from bone marrow, adipose or fat tissue, and blood. Adult stem cells play an important role in the ongoing process of repair and regeneration of tissues and organs throughout life. Defective or deficient adult stem cells may contribute to the declining physio-anatomic function seen in aging tissues and may represent an important target for novel cell and genomic-based therapies.

Led by Co-Founder Robert Hariri, MD, Ph.D., HLI is embarking on an ambitious multi-pronged effort utilizing stem cell therapy advances to enhance and improve the healthy life span. HLI’s work is premised on the theory that as the human body ages many biological changes occur, including substantial changes and degradation to the genome of the differentiated, specialized cells found in all body tissues. There is also a depletion and degradation of healthy regenerative stem cell populations in the body over time.

HLI will monitor the genomic changes which occur during stem cell differentiation, normal aging, and in association with the onset of disease. HLI will expand on work done by Hariri approximately 25 years ago which showed that young cells could influence the phenotype of aging cells in blood vessels.