Products and Services

Human Longevity, Inc. works to revolutionize the practice of medicine through the following products and services:


Information Generation and Discovery and the HLI Database and Knowledgebase

HLI is building the world’s largest human genome sequencing center, enabling all HLI product offerings and allowing the company to sequence samples from collaborators across multiple industries. We are focused on high-quality samples with genomic and phenotypic data. Our discovery team includes: streamlining drug development, discovery of biomarker and companion diagnostics, and rescuing/repurposing drugs from failed clinical trials.

HLI is enabling pharmaceutical companies, insurers and healthcare providers to impact health, like our program with Discovery Ltd. and Vitality Healthy, Ltd. to offer whole exome, whole genome and cancer genome sequencing to Discovery Insurance Clients in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Discovery clients will access these new services through the company’s Vitality Program, a behavioral wellness solution that helps people get healthier by giving them the tools, knowledge, access and incentives to improve their health. HLI is able to offer a full exome sequencing and analysis product tailored to Discovery’s clients for $250.

HLI’s Knowledgebase is the comprehensive genome and phenotype database curated with proprietary computational tools by the leading experts in the field. Our team is sequencing complete genomes to 30x coverage and is on track to have a database of 1 million integrated health records by 2020.


Genomic Analysis, Personalized Vaccines and Cell Therapies

Our whole genome sequencing and analysis provides an integrated assessment of health status and potential risks for individuals and families. Our work supports both predictive, preventive and personalized care, including cancer analysis, integrated health analysis, newborn screening and rare, undiagnosed diseases.

Through database analysis and the collaboration of our genome discovery and bioinformatics teams, HLI is working towards cancer vaccines and cell therapies that are tailored to individual conditions.


The Health Nucleus

The Health Nucleus is the first-of-its-kind genomic enhanced, research based health platform designed and conceived by Human Longevity, Inc. (HLI), the genomics-based, technology-driven company working to revolutionize the practice of medicine. The HLI Health Nucleus harnesses recent advancements in genomics – combined with a comprehensive curation of your personal health history – to serve as the basis for a personalized approach to your health.

The HLI Health Nucleus is a wholly owned subsidiary of Human Longevity Inc.

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