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HLIQ Oncology provides exome sequencing of the patient’s normal (or germline) DNA and tumor DNA to identify the targets that may be driving the patient’s specific cancer. HLIQ Oncology provides additional information on the mutational burden of the tumor to further guide treatment options, including if a patient is a candidate for immunotherapy.

HLIQ Oncology can:

  • Confirm diagnosis
  • Identify related mutations specific to the tumor that may explain the cancer
  • Identify if a patient may benefit from immunotherapy
  • Determine inherited cancer risk
  • Identify opportunities for off-label use of an approved drug
  • Identify opportunities for clinical trial participation
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Cancer Risk

HLIQ Cancer Risk is a proactive step for family members who suspect they are predisposed to a higher risk of developing cancer. This physician-ordered test examines genes associated with a spectrum of cancers, including common and rare cancer types.

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Comprehensive Cancer

HLIQ Comprehensive Cancer combines the same genomics and computing advances used in HLIQ Cancer Exome but includes more in-depth sequencing coverage and analysis on the full genome to identify specific targets for selecting or optimizing treatment.

With HLIQ Comprehensive Cancer, we:

  • Sequence the full genome of both the patient’s normal DNA and that of the tumor
  • Sequence the somatic exome and the RNA to determine the proteins that are expressed in the tumor
  • Develop a complete map of the mutations to help guide decisions toward cancer management
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