Strategic Collaborations

HLI is currently developing collaborations with companies in the genomic and stem cell arenas, with large hospital systems and clinics that will utilize our services and with pharmaceutical companies that can foster discovery and develop new therapeutics.

Some of the agreements that HLI has announced to date:


CorTechs Labs

HLI and CorTechs Labs have entered a collaborative agreement to use CorTechs’ advanced imaging data in the comprehensive genomic and phenotype database HLI is building.

CorTechs Labs Logo


Metabolon Inc.

HLI has entered into a collaboration with Metabolon Inc., the world’s leader in the field of metabolomics. Metabolon has developed proprietary technology to quickly identify and measure the body’s biochemicals and will provide such biochemical profiling services to HLI. In the initial term of the agreement Metabolon will carry out small molecule analysis of 10,000 subjects and collaborate with HLI to map changes in the small molecules to end points of disease and gene mutations.

Metabolon Logo


University of California, San Diego

HLI and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) have signed a collaborative research agreement to enable the whole genome, microbiome and/or tumor sequencing and analysis of all consenting UCSD patients. The data generated will enable unparalleled research with the hopes of enhancing diagnostic abilities and improving treatment.



J. Craig Venter Institute

HLI is establishing a collaboration and research services agreement with J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) covering proteomics, infectious disease diagnostics, and the human microbiome. Dr. Venter is founder and CEO of JCVI who are leaders in human, microbial, and synthetic genomics. HLI is also licensing intellectual property from JCVI.

J. Craig Venter Institute Logo