Tom Wamberg

Management Team



President, HLI’s Insurance and Corporate Business Group

Tom Wamberg serves as President, Insurance and Corporate Business Group, at HLI. In his role, he will shape and direct HLI products such as whole genome and whole exome reports, as well as the HLI Health Nucleus, as offerings that insurance companies can bring to their clients. He will also be working with large employers to offer whole genome, whole exome and Health Nucleus as benefits to their employees. In his 30-year career, Wamberg has built and led numerous financial and professional insurance services businesses. Wamberg comes to HLI most recently from Uniphy Health, a secure healthcare collaboration platform for physicians, a company he co-founded in 2013 and where he remains its Chairman. He previously started and led as Chairman and CEO two other consulting companies, Clark & Wamberg, LLC and Clark Inc. Wamberg is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, and is a past president of the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting. He has also been past president of the 25 Million-Dollar Forum, chairman of the Legislative Task Force and Nonqualified Benefit Plan committee, and has served as a member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries and the Financial Accounting Standards Board. Wamberg is also the author of three books covering various aspects of the insurance industry. He received his BS from Baldwin Wallace University and serves on the board of the Cleveland Clinic.